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If you are looking for added space to your home, Decor Construction’s got you covered! Our professionals have over 30 years of experience adding rooms on to existing homes. Whether your family is growing or simply ready for additional room for comfort, our team is more than qualified. Our experience in designing and building stylish, value-adding custom home additions makes us leaders in the construction industry. Our contractors know the value of quality, attention to detail, and getting the job done right without time-wasting delays.

Your Home Can Be More Valuable And More Beautiful Than Ever

Adding rooms on to your house doesn’t just increase the space, it increases the value. Your home is an investment and the work and care that you put into it adds appeal and maximizes buying potential if you ever decide to put it on the market. Decor Construction specializes in all kinds of room additions including bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, living areas, entertainment areas, and more. If you want it, we can do it!

Are you worried that your budget won’t allow the quality that you want? Call Decor Construction. Our experienced and friendly team can help you get the extra space you need while working within your budget. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction.

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Professional Expertise & Guidance

Adding a new room to your home probably seems like a huge, scary project, and making sure you have the right contractor is part of what makes the journey seem difficult. Decor Construction is here to make the entire process move along swiftly, without delay.

  • If you already know exactly how you want the layout to be, great! If not, our contractors are here to guide with different options and suggestions that will work for your home.
  • Don’t let budget be an issue. Our team of experts can show you all the different types of choices available to you so that we can make your dream a reality, without a huge price tag.
  • You will always be involved in how the project moves along. From the layout and design to the color scheme, we want to make your new room a place that you love.

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