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Decor Construction’s experienced team works in accordance with current building technology and trends which perfectly pairs with our proven building principles. Commercial construction projects can be complicated and often involve a multitude of people and services. Coordinating commercial construction operations demands top-notch construction management which is what Decor Construction provides.

We provide the highest quality of work through each phase of the commercial construction process. Specializing in being on time and staying within budget, Decor Construction is your commercial construction partner from start to finish and believes in exceeding expectations while providing innovative solutions to our client’s needs.


Decor Construction is fully committed to construction risk management. We put safety first and provide our employees with continuous education and ongoing training.

Decor Construction has the ability to identify and analyze possible construction risks which may occur during the construction process. With our years of construction experience and trained team of professionals, Decor Construction routinely performs risk assessments on projects to prevent unexpected issues. Our Construction Risk Management Team at Decor Construction, has the experience and the knowledge about how to manage and mitigate risk on the construction site to ensure each project’s successful completion.


Occupational: Injury to an employee because of behavior, methodologies or technologies used or inclement weather.

Financial: Unmanaged growth, decline in sales, rising interest rates, downturn in  the economy, and increases in industry supply prices.

Contractual: Penalties which may have to be payed for not completing a job on time.

Project: Lack of proper project management, inadequate policies or lack of application of such policies, miscalculation of time and resources required.

Stakeholder: Problems with communication, misunderstanding of the deliverables of a building project, insufficiency of stakeholder funds.

Natural: Floods, earthquakes, and other weather phenomena that damage construction sites or make work impossible.

Competition: Pressure to match competitor’s prices or offered delivery terms, possibly putting your profitability at risk or straining your resources, loss of a project or opportunity to a competitor, and more.

Trust your construction risk management to Decor Construction.


We at Decor Construction hold the safety of our employees, our customers, and the general public as our number one priority. With our comprehensive safety program coupled with our full-time Safety and Risk Control Manager conducting regular safety meetings and unannounced site visits, we work proactively to maintain the highest standards of on-the-job safety. All new employees are required to undergo a mandatory safety training program upon hire covering such topics as OSHA Regulations, First Aid, Fall Protection, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and Ladder & Tool Safety.