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Flat Roof Challenges

Many beautiful styles of construction use a flat roof. In ancient Egypt, flat roofs were designed to either keep summer heat out or winter heat in. Perhaps your current Tulsa home is ultra modern or minimalist. Maybe you use the surface as a terrace, a roof living space or as a garden. Or sometimes a […]

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A Timeline Of What Happens After Water Damage

Water damage can occur in a Tulsa home from a number of different sources. Some of the common culprits of water damage that the team at Decor Construction sees often are malfunctioning appliances, water pooling in areas such as basements and crawl spaces, and natural disasters or other weather-related problems such as rainfall. According to […]

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Real Wood and “Fake” Wood: Can My Furniture Survive Water Damage?

Water damage in your Tulsa home can be devastating– emotionally and financially. Next to the home itself, the next most valuable thing you own is likely the furniture inside, and it may still be possible to rescue some of it. Consider the value of the piece versus the extent of the damage. Your best resource […]

Act fast after water damage

When water damage strikes your Tulsa establishment, a prompt response will make all the difference in restoration time and cost. The longer water sits without being cleaned up, the worse the damage will be. We at Decor Construction can’t stress the importance of immediately taking the proper steps to mitigate damage. Porous materials, such as […]

Post-storm Leaky Roof Repair in Tulsa

Spring showers certainly do bring flowers, but they can also bring heavy flooding and storms in Tulsa. Roof damage occurs over time, but when strong winds and rain occur, it may be too late to fix the problem. A small leak may not seem like a big deal at first, but without proper roof maintenance, […]

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Successful Commercial Build-Outs

As you plan the future for your business in Tulsa, you might decide to create a stand-alone building. Or you may rather decide that taking over a pre-existing space aligns with your business goals. Building out a tenant space is typically easier than creating a new building from scratch, but there are still a few […]

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When It Is Time To Expand, Improve!

When your business is bursting at the seams, your employees are sharing office space, and you don’t have adequate space to receive your clients– take advantage of the situation and improve your commercial space. When you work with a trusted commercial construction partner, you can add workroom with more features, technology, and comfort than you […]

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3 Reasons To Renovate Your Business

Your business has been doing incredibly well. You have wonderful loyal clients who know you and your business and excellent employees that help you keep your business on par. But is this enough? In the age of today, everything is changing, upgrading, becoming more convenient and more efficient. Your business has to do the same […]

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Choosing A Commercial Construction Contractor

It is a milestone in your career when you can expand your business. Thanks to your hard work, good decisions (and a little luck) your concept is thriving. Now, take the time to find a partner to share your vision and create additional commercial space to grow. Does My Project Require A Commercial Contractor? Depending […]

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Four Upgrades To Fortify Your Home Against Water Damage

Prevention is always better than restoration. Here are a few ways we at Décor Construction in the Tulsa area recommend you upgrade your home to further protect it against water damage. Water Detection Devices A water detection device a simple electronic monitor that will notify you if the moisture level in your home rises above […]

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