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Fire Damage and Water Restoration

When fire, storm or flooding occurs in your home it can be damaging to your home and to you. Fire and water damage are rare occurrences and most people have no clue what do to after the fire is out and the flooding recedes. A mishap with the fireplace or in your kitchen can lead to smoke and soot throughout the home. Large fires and floods can cause colossal structure damage to the home. No matter the size of the loss, Decor Construction has trained personnel ready to assist you. We’ll help you out in your time of need.


Decor Construction Will Help

Decor offers a multitude of repair and restoration services designed to restore the home to its original or better condition as quickly as possible.


Doors, Window, roofs and other parts of a home are frequently damaged while putting out a fire. Decor offers a great boardup service that will protect your home from further damage. Our team of fire and water restoration technicians will be on site to help you secure your property while you make decisions on the course of restoration.

Project Management:

Decor will provide a project manager that will help and assist you with the damage throughout the fire and water restoration process. Getting your home and life back in place after considerable home damage can be a very trying experience. Your Decor project manager is there to help make the process of getting  your house back together easier.

Structural Cleaning:

Soot is far reaching and can go anywhere during a fire. Proper cleaning and sealing will block out and eliminate any odors that come from fire damage. Our fire and water restoration experts seek out and eliminate all odors that can occur from water or fire damage.

Contents Cleaning:

Decor cleaning technicians have extensive experience and expertise when it comes to smoke, fire and water restoration. The contents of your home may be cleaned on site dependent on the size and damage of the storm, flood or fire. If your things can’t be cleaned on site, Decor will inventory, pack, move, and clean it at our cleaning facility. Once cleaned, the contents are re-packed in clean boxes and stored until the restoration of the home is complete.

Structural Repairs:

Dewayne Corvin, owner of Decor Construction, is a Licensed general contractor and has been contracting in Oklahoma  since 1987. His team of highly experienced project managers will ensure that your project is trouble free. From kitchen cabinet replacement to replacing the entire truss system of the home, Decor Construction can handle the project.