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Decor Construction can provide technical and professional expertise for all types of construction. Our principals and staff have more than 100 years of combined construction experience, ranging from multifamily housing to, commercial shopping.  Our experience means accurate cost estimates at the earliest stages of a project, saving owners time and money and ensuring they make the right decision. 

What We Do

We provide value-engineering services to owners and design professionals, making recommendations for product specification, and scheduling and building systems to ensure quality, all while meeting budgetary and timing constraints. When a project moves through the construction phase, Decor Construction acts as general contractor, using on-site superintendents for every job; we provide a local point of contact and maintaining organized, consistent workflow.

Decor Construction will help you build the multi-family housing you’re looking for. We have extensive experience building multi-family housing over the years. Here are the types of multi-family housing we offer:

  • Two-Flat Housing
  • Three-Flat Housing
  • Four-Flat Housing
  • Townhouses
  • Duplexes
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Condominiums


Flats are a lot like houses. Flats typically range from two to four floors. Each floor is an individual apartment. Each flat usually shares commons are with every other flat like front, entrances, outside stairs, basement or a foyer. Flats are a great choice if you’re looking to build and rent out multi-family housing in a residential neighborhood with a lot of homes, since flat look like a house.


Townhouses are perfect for multi-family housing in moderately populated and dense cities or areas with not a lot of space to build. A townhouse sits on a small footprint of land, usually in large cities, and provides a large living space with the high number of floors they typically have. They are typically built next to one another, but are detached and each one has their own unique look.


A duplex is a house with two separate floors, either above and below each other or separated by a wall, that are used as apartments. Duplex are small apartment buildings that look like a regular house. Duplexes are one of the most versatile types of multi-family housing because they can be used and are a good fit in almost every type of housing area.

If you need multi-family-housing building and construction in Oklahoma, you need to call Decor Construction. We’ll tailor our job to your needs. Talk to one of our amicable representatives to learn more.